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Funplay Services

Funplay Services

From conceptual designs to final installations, from draft handnotes to architectural and engineering AUTOCAD files, from initial theme planning to complete entertainment mix selection, from location decision to technical requirements matching, from financing solutions to insurance advice, from feasibility plans to pre-opening testing, from playground corporate branding to standard operational advice, FUNPLAY tries always and continuously to find, organize and provide the Best Quality Services to current and future Customers.

Based on a strong and wide Network of professional Partners and Suppliers of Products and Services in the kids Entertainment Industry, FUNPLAY offers the proper combination of Play Elements for a given Play Area, as per space availability and limitations, optimizing entertainment mix. A Play Area is always designed together with the Customer, who decides the theme, the colors, the layout and the activities.

FUNPLAY play systems provide fun, safety, innovation and differentiation, based on many years’ experience, expertise and know-how. FUNPLAY integrates the best value for money Products and Services for every project implementation, always at high quality levels. In special cases, FUNPLAY provides turn-key projects and supports the operational business activity.

FUNPLAY SERVICES are shown below and consist of:

  1. Design
  2. Installation
  1. Design Implementation
  2. Technical Support
  3. Redemption Procurement
  1. Contract Preparation
  2. Operational Advice
  3. Outdoor Support
  1. Architectural Assistance
  2. Location Selection
  3. Financing Solutions
  4. Insurance Solutions
  5. Staffing Solutions
  6. Events Organizing
  7. Catering Support
  8. Business PlansBusiness Plans



FUNPLAY develops simple CONCEPT Design or complex DETAILED Design for any kind of Play Area, from a small soft play corner to a large Family Entertainment Center, optimizing space availability, equipment utilization and anticipated revenues, while minimizing operational and maintenance costs.

The potential Customer has to provide FUNPLAY with draft paper sketches or advanced architectural designs, together with some explanatory notes, so FUNPLAY can start designing any new Project. Moreover, FUNPLAY based on a long experience on custom made concepts, will further provide options in designs /themes making a decision easier to be taken.

FUNPLAY usually offers to its potential clients a “First Layout Draft Design” for FREE. Note that this is just the first draft based usually on raw information provided by the Client (unconfirmed dimensions, unconfirmed equipment, etc.) while is strictly confidential for the Client who asked this and without any obligations for FUNPLAY to continue with the Project. However, a first draft was always extremely useful for all Clients who used it to further proceed with their plans.


          A.      CONCEPT DESIGN


FUNPLAY brings simple solutions to simple projects, covering all basic requirements of a standard Play Area

  • Theming and Branding Ideas
  • Entertainment Mix with Interior Renderings, Zoning and Spacing Drafts
  • Draft Operational Assumptions


          B.      DETAILED DESIGN


FUNPLAY is working with individual Architects and Engineers or larger teams, supported sometimes by other professionals who can contribute to a very detailed design of large and complicated projects

  • Interior Drawings

Includes Site Plans (Cross Sections, Finishes, Walls, Doors, Windows, flooring, ceiling, etc.), Renderings and 3D Perspectives (Activity Areas, Entrance, Reception, Retail Kiosks, Common areas, Seating, etc.) and any required Back office settings (Workshop, operations office, staff rooms, kitchen, toilets, etc.)

  • Equipment drawings

Includes Equipment Placement Layout plans, Equipment Technical Specs, Safety and Security specs and everything related to Licensing and Certification requirements

  • Electrical, Data & Lighting 

Includes power, cabling, lighting and data transfer requirements and layouts, as well as special effects’ design (light, video, sound, etc.)

  • Theming and Signage

Includes Wall preparations and Wall Artwork, Signage Artwork (material, dimensions, colors, etc.) and Signage Lighting & Power requirements


FUNPLAY has a unique know-how and experience in Romania, providing proper and fully certified, assembly and installation services for the Modular Play Structures. In addition, FUNPLAY technically supports all kinds of equipment that represents in Romania, Inflatables, Kiddie Rides, etc.




While working at the designs, FUNPLAY may prepare, under conditions, draft calculations on the costs of a new Project, indicatively including material, working hours, time required, extra costs estimations, etc. This part may follow the “First Layout Draft Design” however is strictly indicative and non-binding as all projects change significantly until their final implementation.





FUNPLAY follows simple processes in dealing with Clients’ requests for simple or complicated Play Area set-ups. The preparation depends on the intended size of the Play Area Project (either Small-Medium or Large-FEC), on the available space and its layout, on the size of the Modular Structure (Small-Medium-Large) and of the estimated level of investment of the Play Area Operator.


I. Small & Medium Sized Play Areas

  1. Client finds a suitable Indoor location, preferably up to between 100-150sqm (small size) or between 150-300sqm (medium sized) or between 300-500sqm (large sized)
  2. Client estimates (a) the space to be used for café, party area etc. and (b) the space to be used for play equipment;
  3. Client clarifies if he has also outdoor space that intends to use as play area
  4. Client provides his own Budget estimation and a principal preference on activities, theme concept, layout, etc.
  5. FUNPLAY prepares a first draft layout design of the play area, as per discussions and/or pre-contract
  6. If Client takes the decision to further proceed on the project, Client and FUNPLAY work together on the preparation of the final and detailed designs with products and prices, as per discussions and/or pre-contract
  7. FUNPLAY prepares the “First Layout” footprints design of the play area, as per pre-contract
  8. Client and FUNPLAY sign the contract (and a maintenance contract, if is the case)
  9. Client proceeds with payments as per contract
  10. FUNPLAY organizes the orders, the delivery and the assembly and installation of the playground equipment, as per contract terms and conditions and within time frame agreed.
  11. FUNPLAY delivers the playground and the related documentation to the Client
  12. FUNPLAY (in case of maintenance contract) takes care that the equipment is properly maintained and repaired.

II. Large Projects & Family Entertainment Centers (FECs)

  1. Client finds suitable location (preferably around 500sqm and starting from 1000sqm for FEC); Within a Shopping Center or Stand alone;
  2. Client estimates space used for café(s) and restaurant(s) and space used for play activity; Budget estimation;
  3. Client defines children age targeted and expresses preference on Products, Theme concept, layout etc
  4. FUNPLAY prepares the “First Layout” “footprints” design of the play area, as per pre-contract
  5. Client takes the decision to further proceed on the project 
  6. Client and FUNPLAY work together on the preparation of the final and detailed designs with products and prices
  7. FUNPLAY works with engineering team for turnkey projects
  8. Client takes the decision to further proceed with FUNPLAY and signs the contract (and the maintenance contract)
  9. FUNPLAY organizes the delivery and installation of playground equipment.
  10. FUNPLAY (in case of maintenance contract) takes care that the equipment is properly maintained and repaired.


FUNPLAY is able to fully support the equipment provided to its Customers, whether coming from Projects with FUNPLAY or has been delivered from other qualified Suppliers, however given that an Inspection will be done from FUNPLAY’s specialized team. The equipment can be either repaired temporarily or permanently or can be replaced with newer and better quality equipment and can be included in FUNPLAY “Maintenance and Repair Facility Agreement” following a meeting with FUNPLAY representatives who will appreciate the eligibility of the equipment and the operation to be included in such an Agreement.


Moreover, FUNPLAY may provide short term or long term renting of equipment, followed or not by purchase, depending on the type of equipment and the terms and conditions requested and agreed. Moreover, replacing of equipment, temporary or permanently can be also agreed, either in case of damages or after the equipment becomes old and obsolete.

FUNPLAY will assist you in establishing a long term Merchandise Development Program and Merchandise Inventory Control supported, depending on the Project, with On-Site & Off-Site Sales, Concept Stores and Kiosks, Vending and Crane Redemption Game Machines, etc.

Moreover, through selective partners, FUNPLAY provides Consultancy on designing, building up and operating Gift Shops in different forms, from shop-in-shop to outdoor kiosks.






Sample drafts of FUNPLAY Contracts are provided to potential Customers, for standard review of main clauses, however every Contract allows a level of negotiation and customization to each and every Customer and Project.

  • Pre-Contract: usually signed upfront, referring to FUNPLAY Concept Design workings. The contract covers the payment upon submission of the FUNPLAY Concept Designs, as these will indicate whether the Client will further proceed with FUNPLAY. In addition, the “First Layout” that will be prepared will not be charged, as this will be a basic, indicative one, that will help the Client to decide whether to proceed with the Playground Project or not.
  • Final Contract: signed upon Client agrees to continue with Detailed Design, details on Products, Prices, Payment terms, Delivery terms, Installation expenses, other costs etc. The Design costs may be included as well if not paid before.
  • Maintenance & Repair Facility Agreement: optional, signed usually together with the Final Contract, as it will be implemented in parallel to it.



FUNPLAY will assist the design and the implementation of Branded Playgrounds and Brand building realized through appropriate sales, marketing, promotion and PR campaigns.

  • Final Logos, Letterheads, Business Cards, Mascots, etc.
  • Adapting branding designs to given equipment and play area designs
  • Tickets, Tokens, cards artwork. 
  • Staff Uniform designs (front & back office staff)
  • Website design and development and Social Networking strategy design 

FUNPLAY is able to provide a principal advice and support in organizing basic and more advanced operational issues, from revenues planning, optimization of space utilization and toys usage, clientele administration, resources allocation etc.

  • Pricing strategies, ticketing systems, admission and fidelity programs, food and beverages policies, inventory control for redemption merchandise, party stock, F&B, spare parts, operational systems covering cash management and back office administration, hardware and software requirements, customized administration procedures, etc.
  • Identification of staffing requirements based on final equipment mix, staff recruitment (operations, administration, technical, etc.), HR procedures and employee manuals, customer service program training, facility requirements training, pre-opening testing, etc.
  • Administration of building permits, site plans, detail drawings and architectural and engineering designs and information, legislative requirements and licenses, identification of limitations and restrictions and related risks, administration of supportive works on landscaping, lighting, fencing, parking, etc.
  • Technical maintenance procedures, including preventive maintenance and repairing procedures, spare parts inventory, health and safety procedures, technical maintenance manuals, Administration of contractual terms and conditions of contracts, including negotiation policies, handling equipment special requirements, production, ordering, delivery and installation, guarantees and insurance, etc.
  • Guest hospitality management, through operational efficiency monitoring, quality control (F&B, Retail, Facility), site preparation (layout, parking, F&B, retail areas), travel and shipping logistics, events follow-up, proper presentation and marketing services and strategies, website development, attendance projections, etc.


FUNPLAY brings the experience and the know-how from Outdoor Parks, through carefully selected Suppliers of Outdoor Products and Services, including but not limited to:

  • Park Outdoor Equipment
  • Ground and Surfacing Arrangements
  • Top and Side Covering & Protection Equipment
  • Surrounding, Fencing, Entrance Gates and Fire Exits
  • Other Outdoor Construction, Installation and Assembly works
  • Electrical, data, Video, Audio, lightning & effects systems implementation
  • Theming and Signage Artwork and Signage lightning
  • Licensing and Certifications Administration
  • Indoor-to-Outdoor Installation and Assembly works

FUNPLAY continuously searches for services and solutions that can be complementary or supplementary to its own services, providing references or recommendations to FUNPLAY Customers. FUNPLAY may have a contractual relationship or partnership with the service Providers presented here therefore all FUNPLAY current or potential Customers will be accordingly informed. 


  • Professional Architectural and Engineering Planning Solutions

Funplay Professional-Architectural-and-Engineering-Planning-Solutions

FUNPLAY offers the possibility to extend its services, whenever is required or asked by the clients, to specialized designs prepared by collaborating architects and engineers, with terms and conditions that will be mutually agreed in advance.

PLEASE contact ROMSERVICES for additional information



  • Playground Indoor and Outdoor Location Solutions

Funplay Playground-Indoor-and-Outdoor-Location-Solutions

FUNPLAY network with several well established real estate agencies gives the opportunity to provide assistance to any potential playground operations entrepreneurs who either have not searched yet or they are in the search process of finding the proper location and building for the playground. The earlier FUNPLAY is involved to the project, the better.

PLEASE contact ROMSERVICES for additional information



  • FINANCING (Bank Credit, Leasing & Supplier Credit) Solutions

Funplay FINANCING-(Bank-Credi-Leasing-&-Supplier-Credit)-Solutions

FUNPLAY may provide assistance in evaluating the possibility of using alternative ways of funding and financial support for each project, varying from bank credit and leasing solutions to EU dedicated funds. Moreover, FUNPLAY may assist in the process of preparation of the documentation and the file submission.

PLEASE contact ROMSERVICES for additional information



  • INSURANCE (Site, Equipment & Third Party Liabilities) Solutions

Funplay INSURANCE-(Site-Equipment-&-Third-Party-Liabilities)-Solutions

FUNPLAY provides full assistance in concluding properly and timely all related policies that will mitigate all risks arising from the Playground operations, varying from third parties liability to equipment and building damages, via authorized insurance brokers and insurance companies.

PLEASE contact ROMSERVICES for additional information



  • STAFF RESOURCES requirements, availability and training Solutions

Funplay STAFF-RESOURCES-requirements-availability-and-training-Solutions

FUNPLAY provides assistance in suitable staff searching and proposing, including training for specialized equipment, depending on the conditions agreed and on the availability, if is the case, of the resources offered from the FUNPLAY partners.

PLEASE contact ROMSERVICES for additional information



  • Events & Parties Organizing Solutions

Funplay Events-&-Parties-Organizing-Solutions

FUNPLAY is able to provide you the basic assistance on how to organize children entertainment events in playgrounds, hotels, houses, etc. with the assistance of specialized firms. The assistance may include the selection of the inflatable toys, the entertaining team (clowns, magicians, etc.), the catering choices etc.

PLEASE contact ROMSERVICES for additional information



  • Food Courts & Catering Services

Funplay Food-Courts-&-Catering-Services

FUNPLAY may assist in searching and selecting a suitable solution for the playground catering function, as this is the most important aspect for viable operations in long term. Whether in house prepared food or outsourced, whether fast food or cold food or warm food, whether fresh or frozen, whether modern or classical or ambient environment, the right solution needs to be found and combined with the play area. For limited space available, vending machine solutions can be also provided. Franchise solutions and sponsorship support is also available.

PLEASE contact ROMSERVICES for additional information



  • Business Feasibility & Strategic Planning Solutions

Funplay Business-Feasibility-&-Strategic-Planning-Solutions

FUNPLAY may assist you in preparing simple or more complicated Feasibility and Business Plans, including Industry Reviews and Demographic Assessments, Location and Site Evaluations, Competition Analysis, Attendance estimations, Investment requirements and Financial Analysis and Assessments. A resulting Marketing Plan Development will require defining Sales Strategies, Advertising, Public Relations and Promotions, while developing a proper Marketing Budget, through a careful Market Research. Optionally, Sponsorship Planning and Sales is evaluated, with Sponsorship Candidates, Sponsor benefits and In-kind sponsorship (construction material, furniture, equipment, etc.)

PLEASE contact ROMSERVICES for additional information